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What is the latest version?


What is the NetworkTrafficMeter?

This is an Open Source network monitoring software. It's based on IPHLP API. With this small application you can monitor your selected network adapter's bandwidth. It's have lots of options including multi-language support. With the "Auto Startup" function the software starts when you start Windows.

It has a "miniBar" and you can see the actual bandwidth usage. (UP and Down bandwidth of course) With the graphic bar (in the main window) you can see the previous bandwidth usage. You don't need to set up your internet connection speed because the software automaticaly find the peek values using it to calculate the precentage of the usage.


What languages are supported in this program?

  • English (Default)
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • German
  • Swedish


Is it free?

Yes of course! But it's licensed under GNU GPL License. That means you can redistribute this software. For more information please read the License.



Added: Russian language file (by Deesa)
Added: Year Selector for Statistics
Fixed: Y2K9 bug (Reported by János Suhajda)
Fixed: Windows Icon Notify error



This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY!

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